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Name of site derives from early upstate New York family name. The name anglicized sometime after British took over New Amsterdam area.

My interest in photography started back in the 50's with a Kodak Brownie. By early 60's had graduated to 35mm rangefinder; but not till late 70's did I get an SLR. Since 2002, I've primarily been using large format cameras . During 2004, added medium format cameras for their versatility, and 8X10 view cameras (Burke & James Grover and Kodak Master View) for their large size negatives suitable for contact printing. Summer 2006, I also added a 7X17 panoramic format camera. It seems a perfect fit for Florida's landscapes.

I use the camera, whatever format, as a means of exploring and understanding the world around me and as a way of appreciating the details of the area I'm in. I had lived almost half my adult life in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and explored the area with my camera. There is such a rich diversity in that area that doing photography was easy. I've lived in the Jacksonville area for over twenty years, but only in past decade have I photographed the area. I had to come to terms with the area - learn to be interested in its history and appreciate its beauty. The pictures on this website reflect that interest.

In 2017 we moved to Kalamazoo, MI.. Though Michigan is a beautiful state, I've yet to experience a spark of creative inspiration.

Almost all the images are B&W. Why not color? I grew up "reading" Life and Look magazines and associated good photography with B&W. Color images may have been an indication of progress, but they often seemed fuzzy like those early TV color images (or the typical newspaper color print). Another reason for B&W is I consider photography to be like Bonsai - you pare away the superfluous elements, such as the subject's color, in order to get to its form, texture, reflectivity, tonal range, and ultimately to its essence.

The images on this website are scans or digi-snaps of actual prints.The images are taken with film and either enlarged or contact printed in my darkroom. They reflect my deep interest in traditional photographic techniques and craftmanship. To me, photography is much more than the final result. I have to enjoy the process. Hopefully, the pleasure I take in creating the images is reflected in the final prints.
Douglas Howk

May - Sept 2022, print accepted for the annual West Michigan Area Show: Wedding Dress
May - Aug 2019, print accepted for the annual West Michigan Area Show: Coopers' Fence
March 2016, Honor, Miniature Marvels, St Augustine Art Association: Curcuma Ginger
July 2015, Honor, Summer Exhibit, Jacksonville Coalition Visual Arts: Rebirth After a Fire (Toned)
December 2014, Fourth Place, Small Objects, Jacksonville Coalition Visual Arts: Statuesque
June 2014, Third Place, Honors Show, St Augustine Art Association: Sunflower
Nov 2013, St Johns Riverkeeper Art Auction: Rebirth After a Fire
Nov 2013, Visual Artist, Beaches Fine Arts Series
June 2013, Achievement, Figuratively Speaking Exhibit, Art League of Daytona: Statuesque
June 2013, Second Place, Honors Show, St Augustine Art Association: A Merry Horse
December 2012, Honor, Viva Florida, St Augustine Art Association: Rebirth After a Fire
September 2012, Honor, Fall Members Show, St Augustine Art Association: Trout River Crabber
March 2012, Honor, Tree Exhibit, Premier Gallery, Jacksonville: Swamp Morning
April 2010, Visual Artist, Beaches Fine Arts Series
June 2009, Third Place, Honors Show, St Augustine Art Association: Sawmill Slough
February 2009, Solo Exhibition, Shelby's Coffee Shop, Neptune Beach
February 2008, Third Place, Cutting Edge Show, St Augustine Art Association: Morning Amongst Sand Live Oaks
September 2007, Honor, Fall Members Show, St Augustine Art Association: Purple Iris
August 2006, Solo Exhibition, Tripod Gallery, Orben's Camera Store, Jacksonville
March 2006, Fourth Place, Spring Members Show, St Augustine Art Association: Mayport Shrimper
October 2005, First Place, B&W Category, Photography Exhibit, Ponte Vedra Culture Center: Putting Down Roots
June 2005, Solo Exhibition, Blue Java Coffee Shop, Jax Beach

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